Why is there a serious lack of the practical application
of the principles for leadership?

We believe that this is because there is much head knowledge about the subject of business leadership,
but how to apply this knowledge is often sadly missing.


Principles 4 Leadership enables leaders at all levels to apply the practical principles of leadership to their own situations.

This new and unique approach will deliver the following benefits:

  • higher productivity from every one  
  • emphasis on the practical application of leadership skills
  • increased operational efficiency and effectiveness 
  • improved motivation and morale from team members  
  • greater job satisfaction in getting the best from staff 
  • savings in costs and expenditure
  • better investment decisions

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Principles 4 Leadership is managed by the Stuart Mitchell Group of Companies.  

We specialise in Leadership Development, Performance Management and Career Development

Our vision

"To be recognised as best in class in specialist leadership development in Europe and overseas".



Stuart Mitchell Group clients include:

  • CIPD
  • Ministry of Defence
  • Right Management Ltd
  • English Institute of Sport
  • Allianz
  • VISA
  • Office for National Statistics
  • British Council
  • NHS


Principles for Leadership is part of
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Dr. H.K. Oxley D.D. (Hon.), O.B.E

Hal Oxley was educated at Scotch College, Melbourne and Sydney universities, Royal Military College Duntroon for four years.   He became a member of Australian Permanent Army for twelve years. War service in Middle East (desert campaigns, Greek war, Tobruk siege and capture of Lebanon and Syria - then back to Australia when Japanese attacked). Started war as an infantry captain and finished as a Lt.Colonel on General Macarthur's battle headquarters during Pacific War. Position there was co-ordination of Australian forces with USA forces.    After the war, he served for four years as Deputy Director of Military Intelligence at Army Headquarters. After this he became an industrialist for 24 years, ending up as the Executive Director of a large public company, overseeing eight factories.

Hal has lead leadership training in many areas, is a strong educationalist founding his own very successful school of 1000 pupils and students in Melbourne (Oxley College) and is a conference speaker globally.




Stuart Mitchell BA Hons CFCIPD FCIM DipCG

Stuart has an extensive background in management, consultancy, training, and software development. He has a degree in Psychology with postgraduate qualifications in management, marketing, human resources, and career guidance.

His first career was in Thomas Cook where he travelled extensively in the UK and overseas. After a deeply spiritual experience overseas, he trained as a careers advisor and worked for two local authority career services becoming a manager for mid-Surrey for 6 years. He went on to work for Communication Improvements as a trainer in interpersonal communication skills working at board and senior manager level in many blue chip organisations before joining Hay Management Consultants as Director of Business Development for 3 years.

Stuart is an experienced and qualified consultant/trainer. He has worked closely with the CIPD for the past 12 years in his areas of expertise: strategic human resource management, leadership development, performance management, talent management and coaching development. Stuart has led projects for the CIPD around the world and the CIPD Certificate in Personnel Practice (Performance Review Skills) in the UK. Stuart is also a software developer in the area of talent management and career development.

Stuart teaches Strategic Human Resource Management (SHRM) through Kingston University (London) Business School on undergraduate and postgraduate programmes. He has led the ‘HRM in Context’ module of the MA/MSc IHRM/CIPD Professional Diploma in HRM in the UK and Moscow and is an examiner for MA/MSc management reports and dissertations.



Leadership training can open a new door to a higher level of function,
reward and personal satisfaction for your managers and team leaders.


This leadership course will bring out their leadership potential
and will be of value to them in seeking opportunities in the future.


We design a one or two day leadership development course for your organisation.
It provides leadership development to the existing operations, and to spear head future development plans.


A typical leadership course will cover:

  • Definition of a leader
  • Leadership and management
  • Leadership basics
  • Leadership principles
  • Leadership competencies
  • Personal attributes of a leader
  • Social intelligence
  • Levels of leadership
  • Examples of leadership problems
  • Answers to leadership problems

Your senior executive team may have an international success track record.   They may have global know how in areas such as systems and processes, technology, productivity and employee satisfaction and retention.
Their understanding of how to apply leadership principles may be the factor sadly missing.


This seminar majors on the basic leadership principles for:

  • THE WHAT : Base – Vision – Goals and Plans  
  • THE HOW : It teaches leaders to apply a set of simple principles for building organisational competencies to deliver these strategic goals
  • THE WHO : It deals with the requirements and desirable characteristics of a leader and engages them in addressing their shortcomings.




‘Let’s make things as simple as possible,
but no simpler’




Contact Details:


United Kingdom:
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International: +44 1483 423943  
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